USD 70'000,--

That's right! Are you interested in one of my domains? Well, shit - this is the price I have posted. Spare me sending your pathetic emails with the requests in broken English "I buy your domain how much you want!". Do you have 70K? Because we all know, that there is no way in hell you'll get a dictionary or three letter domain for the insulting 500 dollars you are about to offer me.
Don't you think 70'000 a bit too steep?
That depends. There is no such thing, as an intrinsic value for a domain. It's a buyer and seller match. If you are ready to pay for it and I am ready to sell it and the price is close, than it isn't. If it is too steep for you, than it isn't my issue, is it?
My startup doesn't have that much money
Then go and register another domain. If your startup depends on a premium domain so much, perhaps your startup isn't that great?
It's too expensive! You will never sell them at this price
Let me worry about this. I am paying less than 10 bucks for each domain per year. If you are to tell me some business sense, that surely wouldn't be crap like sell them to you for cheap. That's just a stupid wanna be cunning move. I wonder if you can convince your children to eat broccoly with this one. I know I can't.
I take my business elsewhere!
What's that awesome comic you've got on the front page?
Glad you asked. This is an old classic cyberpunk comics Transmetropolitan, written by Warren Ellis. It's pretty cool. You can read more about it on Wikipedia, The Guardian, or (legally) buy on Comixology.

Before you ask, no, I do not have the rights to display that picture on the front page. I guess I will have to take it down as soon as that cease and desist from DC comes in. Until then, enjoy the picture
Aren't you ashamed charging so much money for the domain?
Hey, it's not like it's an absolute necessity. You want domain to, like, make money, right? I also want some of that cash. It's not like I am trying to monopolise water, ok. Go picket in front of Monsanto or Nestle or something. Nothing to see here
And now for something completely different...